Convening 3: Putting the Pieces Together: Building a Network for Change

May 22, 2013
1:00pm - 5:00pm EST
Federation CJA, Montreal, Canada


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This is a time of promising change in complementary education. New models and approaches are being implemented in congregations and alternative settings across the continent. Communities are coming together to explore ways to use their resources more creatively and efficiently to engage larger numbers of learners and families.

Increasingly, complementary education’s stakeholders – parents, educators, program and resource developers, institutional and community leaders, religious movements, financial supporters, and those working in other educational domains such as summer camp and Israel programs – are recognizing that “it takes a village” to capitalize on this momentum and consistently provide engaging, inspiring, and impactful Jewish learning opportunities for today’s diverse population of Jewish young people. This is the next frontier in creating the future of complementary education.

At this convening, the third in a series sponsored by JESNA and The Jewish Education Project as part of the Jewish Futures initiative, participants representing all of these stakeholders will begin to envision what a redesigned “ecosystem” for complementary education could look like. Using cutting-edge conceptual frameworks from the business and non-profit arenas, participants will explore new ways of thinking about the relationships we must forge between educational providers and consumers, established institutions and entrepreneurial innovators, communal agencies and independent funders, and local and national frameworks for support. Building on this vision, the convening will conclude by looking candidly at the prospect for collective action and what it will take to forge a network of change-makers for the field that crosses geographic, organizational, and ideological boundaries.

Creating the Future of Complementary Education is part of Jewish Futures, a joint project of JESNA and the Jewish Education Project. Co-sponsors for this event are the Association of Directors of Central Agencies, National Association of Temple Educators, Jewish Educators Assembly, Reconstructionist Educators of North America, NewCAJE, Builders of Jewish Education and The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles.


Complementary (or supplementary) education, often the step-child of Jewish education, is in a period of dynamic change. Using examples from around the continent and bringing together the perspectives of a range of stakeholders, including educators, funders, community leaders, and families...

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