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About the Berman Center for Applied Innovation

The Berman Center for Applied Innovation is JESNA's 'action arm' -- promoting innovation and systemic change through active support for institutions and communities involved in educational transformation and change efforts.  We do this by facilitating change initiatives, employing cutting-edge technologies to disseminate knowledge and educational resources, convening professional and volunteer educational leaders to network and synthesize learnings, and by recruiting, recognizing, networking and supporting hundreds of innovative educators at various levels along their career paths through our flagship national programs.

The Berman Center for Applied Innovation works hand-in-hand with JESNA's Lippman Kanfer Institute to disseminate and apply the Institute's new thinking on the  ground in communities throughout North America, while providing the Institute with real-life case studies and data from work in communities. 

The Berman Center for Applied Innovation partners with the Association of Directors of Central Agencies (ADCA) on programmatic endeavors, as well as providing organizational support. 




Complementary (or supplementary) education, often the step-child of Jewish education, is in a period of dynamic change. Using examples from around the continent and bringing together the perspectives of a range of stakeholders, including educators, funders, community leaders, and families...

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